Life On The Road

ain't no glamorous thing. and it sure as hell isn't easy. but god it is fun.
The Journey So Far

For years I've been writing music and dreaming of doing a formal release as an artist with my own brand and band. The lead up to recording this week was like something from the movies. It changed my entire perspective, made me feel accomplished (since I had to save so much to be able to afford the EP) and lit a fire in me that had been waiting to come to life for quite some time.  

Michael Muchow (Moko Productions) is the producer I chose to create with and we had a blast getting to know each other whilst powering through the work. Michael is a multi-instrumentalist and has toured with and produced for multiple country and folk artists around Australia and Internationally. I really enjoyed the process because our music education and backgrounds paired quite nicely together. 

Behind the scenes, there's a lot that goes on to create the finished product but there's also a demand for content throughout the journey. 2019 means that social media is central to what it means to be an artist and a small business. So despite my instincts telling me to ditch the phone and just enjoy the ride, every step of the way, it was important to share what was going on and what it took to get there, for the purpose of audience engagement. And my audience are loving it. I'm running with a personable theme - for someone I don't know to feel like they know me and where I am in the process of creating my art.  

The Road Trip

We left Sydney on Easter Saturday and cruised up to Newcastle to stay with some family before starting the big drive the next morning at 6am. I knew it would be a week of hard work and long hours, but I think I underestimated the drive and how exhausting it would be coming back.  

We made sure to stop in at the beaches we wanted to see, have coffee in Byron, swim at Coffs Harbour and switch drivers in sometimes frightening surroundings (literally pitch black darkness, no cars, just the stars... sounds romantic but really I've never run so fast to the driver's seat in my life).

Remembering What's Important  

Taking time to soak up my surroundings has been phenomenally important for this journey. Whether it has been sticking my head out the window slightly to see the Milky Way in all its glory, against the pitch black sky, or stopping to take a breath in Coffs Harbour after having a picnic dinner on the beach. We also stayed on a farm just outside of Brisbane and it was beautiful to be able to hear the cows in the distance and not much else.

Getting In To The Studio 

Time in the vocal booth feels like home to me - but after a while it was definitely exhausting. Less exhausting than recording the other instruments. ALSO, the reality of vocal health is not what people imagine. I did an elective subject at uni called 'Vocal Studies' and that combined with 20 years of singing lessons has significantly broadened my knowledge and understanding of what it takes to keep vocally healthy.

Often, it means not going out partying when other people are. It means not drinking when everyone else is. It means getting an early night despite wanting to get out and see the city that you are visiting for a short time.  

It also means avoiding the foods that you know mess with your voice. You also need to drink heaps of water, and need to PEE every 5 minutes, which is also not such a bad thing because it gives your producer the time to label things and sort things out. 

The EP Release 

Details TBA soon regarding my single release followed by the EP. There will be an EP Launch party which you are absolutely invited to! Once I hear the final mixes of the recordings, we will send them off to be mastered, to be directly transferred to your car speakers, iPhones, iPods, and radios. Can't wait! 

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