"Chuck Moore Reviews About" Dani El-Rassi 2019

Dani El-Rassi - "One night only" 2019 

The Newsagency Sideshow Festival 2019

Pop singer/songwriter -

Dani El-Rassi entered #TheNewsagency stage to loud and extended cheers from much of the sold out crowd. Those fans knew what newcomers were about to discover, and this was after two terrific support performers as well (Belle Kerr, Malaika Green).

With crystal clear lyrics and a crystal ring of a voice, Dani El-Rassi shows why ‘pop/folk’ music - simple, honest little moment/story snapshots – is something to enjoy. Thrilled to have a band, a sold-out audience, both wielding a guitar and revelling in the chance to resume her first musical love in the piano (nail that instrument down, venue), her material was mostly about love: in the thoughtful real (or real at the time) - more Missy Higgins than bland bubbly gum pop.

There were songs about looking back during journeys of the world and in her own relationships, friends (a tender piece as witness to a long time relationship break-up), lots of songs to her (understandably) proud mum, and a riveting guest duet with Nat Henry for Henry’s country song ‘Mona Lisa’ (and a surprising connection as well). El-Rassi also went face-to-(tears causing)-face with mental illness with a quiet, heartbreaking love letter to her Uncle, lost to suicide. The encore final song, her upcoming single, was a show-stopper in the ‘wow, when is it out?’ sense, not just ‘darn, final song’ one. Honest and eyes focussed, gently engaging without being fabricated or too sweet, El-Rassi did indeed get good ‘legal’ advice (surprising yet true) in her first post grad job: “you will see”. She’s on her musical way (it won’t be just the “One Night Only”).

Pop music has a weirdly un-cool rep - it’s short for ‘popular’ after all, and the likes of The Beatles, Crowded House, Taylor Swift and Missy Higgins have done pretty well with it. This friendly, talented concert showed how much fun it is, and all three singers responsible deserve plenty of musical listening time – yours, for example.

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The Newsagency Sideshow Festival 2019; 11 Jan (74-76 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Annadale) 




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