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A run of shows + A political WIN. 

8 Nov 2020: the day that all the emotions hit at once.

A day that goes down in history, in world politics and beyond. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have taken back power, ending Donald Trump's administration. It is overwhelmingly beautiful - not only have the Democrats won, but America showed up and voted in numbers never before seen, in all history. And the majority of those people, and the majority of the states, elected a leader who supports humanity, the environment, women, people of colour, migrants…

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"Chuck Moore Reviews About" Dani El-Rassi 2019 

Dani El-Rassi - "One night only" 2019 

The Newsagency Sideshow Festival 2019

Pop singer/songwriter -

Dani El-Rassi entered #TheNewsagency stage to loud and extended cheers from much of the sold out crowd. Those fans knew what newcomers were about to discover, and this was after two terrific support performers as well (Belle Kerr, Malaika Green).

With crystal clear lyrics and a crystal ring of a voice, Dani El-Rassi shows why ‘pop/folk’ music - simple, honest little moment/story snapshots – is something to…

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"Chuck Moore Reviews About" Dani El-Rassi 2020 


Review by Chuck Moore

(Django Bar at Camelot Lounge Marrickville - two seatings)

Singer Dani El-Rassi had a wonderful 2019, from her live show at The Newsagency to her EP launch at OAF [Oxford Art Factory].

Her show(s) at Camelot Lounge’s Django Bar reminded, and re-captured, a sold out audience all over again after “700 years – 9 months of Covid”.

Clear of word in singing and lyric, an engagingly happy El-Rassi, backed by her 3 piece band, has been doing a lot of song writing during…

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Life is not what it was a few months ago. How are you all coping? I recently sent out a newsletter (sign up via my website) talking about my main coping mechanisms and I shared some resources. 

Make sure you're doing what works for you and don't worry about anything else. It's never easy to re-learn how to exist in this world but we must be grateful for all that we DO have, whilst allowing the bad days to come and go as they need to. It's alright to be struggling right now! I hope you know…

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