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NEW SINGLE - this is what it means to be human - OUT 14 AUG - SINGLE - dead to me - OUT NOW



Singer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Dani El-Rassi, known for her big voice and emotive songwriting, boasts a debut EP 'The Best Is Yet To Come' under her belt and a sold out a string of shows across NSW in 2019, including her sold out EP launch at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory. Dani proceeded to take her band on a tour of the country, playing shows all over Australia. Dani has spent 2021 writing and collaborating with other artists, and celebrated with a sold-out run of shows at Sydney's Camelot Lounge and Newcastle's Stag and Hunter hotel. 

Having performed in over 10 countries around the world, Dani has been invited to share the stage with Atlantic-Records artist Ben Abraham, Catherine Britt, Hollie Col and many others. With a variety of Festivals to her name, including Tamworth Country Music, Nimbin Blues n Roots, and Melbourne-based Soda Fest, Dani's newest single 'dead to me' displays a shift in her sound. The track attracted glowing reviews from Happy Mag TV and extensive radio play. With no slowing down in sight, Dani's new single 'this is what it means to be human'  was played on over 150 radio stations across Aus and NZ. 

Dani's pop-folk-ballad-sometimes-country sound is evolving rapidly, drawing influence from folk and pop artists together with pop-rock and alt-indie-rock bands from around the world. Think Missy Higgins, Gordi Music, with influences drawing from Ruston Kelly and others. 

Career Highlights 

Dani's critically acclaimed genuine and heartfelt approach has garnered radio attention and attracted esteem from her musical peers. After being invited by Melbourne Singer and Songwriter Ben Abraham to sing a duet at a sold-out show in December 2018, Dani went on to sell out her very own show at the same venue, only weeks later. Shortly after, Dani was invited by Singer and Songwriter Hollie Col to play on her Australian Tour. In 2021 Dani has played to all sold-out audiences, and can't wait for the next tour. 

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New Music Preview Show - Secret Lakeside Location (to be revealed)

To be revealed - 1 hour from Sydney

After months of writing new music, I'm so excited to announce an exclusive, covid-safe, private event at a top secret location (which will be revealed upon ticket purchase, but it is only 1 hour from Sydney!).

We are thrilled to be accepting DiscoverNSW vouchers (optional) otherwise tickets are available at the door. There are a VERY limited number of tickets available due to covid restrictions, which means this event is going to be even more intimate than usual. If you are a non-NSW resident or have already spent your DiscoverNSW vouchers elsewhere, a limited number of $25 tickets will be available after the Voucher numbers are exhausted. Get in touch if you intend to buy a ticket!

There are two ways to purchase tickets:

  1. EARLY BIRD TICKETS: RSVP Essential at the link below - scan Discover NSW QR code upon arrival (ensure you save one of your DiscoverNSW vouchers to be scanned upon arrival!!)

  2. A second release of tickets will be announced closer to the date if Covid capacity permits - ticket link will be made available online for any remaining spots!

Once you have RSVP'd or purchased a ticket, you will be sent the ticket link with all other event details, including the location. Be sure to check your junk/spam inbox for my email!


DATE - Sunday 5 December

TIME - 1 PM or 3 PM - two seatings. minimal capacity

LOCATION - To be revealed. Hint: 1 hour by car from Sydney (Grab some mates and carpool!)

WHAT - New music preview show! After months of writing new music, I can't wait to share it with a selected few of you! There may even be special guests singing with me... stay tuned. Merch will be available for purchase on the day and the money from ticket sales will all be going towards my PR campaign for 2 new singles which are right around the corner...

P.S we are excited to officially be a Covid-Safe business which means your health and safety is our #1 priority. Social distancing, hand hygiene and your overall safety will be closely monitored and looked after throughout the event. Masks are encouraged but not mandatory unless a NSW Public Health Order indicates to do so at the time of the event. Should there be any need for a postponement of this event, your ticket will still be valid for the next event.

Any questions or concerns? Email us at and someone will get back to you ASAP.

See you soon!!! - Dani x

Redeem your DiscoverNSW Voucher upon arrival - RSVP Essential - CLICK BELOW!


2021 // Regional Tour // New Music 


National > Regional Tour

We're officially half way through our NSW Regional tour. I'll be completely honest - this was meant to be a NATIONAL TOUR - a co-headline with my good friend and extremely talented Melbourne Artist Maxon. We spent months doing zoom calls, calling venues around the country, booking our band shows, emailing our band members trying to secure their availability, managing budgets, accommodation, promotion and marketing material, social media and digital marketing, you name it…

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A run of shows + A political WIN. 

8 Nov 2020: the day that all the emotions hit at once.

A day that goes down in history, in world politics and beyond. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have taken back power, ending Donald Trump's administration. It is overwhelmingly beautiful - not only have the Democrats won, but America showed up and voted in numbers never before seen, in all history. And the majority of those people, and the majority of the states, elected a leader who supports humanity, the environment, women, people of colour, migrants…

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"Chuck Moore Reviews About" Dani El-Rassi 2019 

Dani El-Rassi - "One night only" 2019 

The Newsagency Sideshow Festival 2019

Pop singer/songwriter -

Dani El-Rassi entered #TheNewsagency stage to loud and extended cheers from much of the sold out crowd. Those fans knew what newcomers were about to discover, and this was after two terrific support performers as well (Belle Kerr, Malaika Green).

With crystal clear lyrics and a crystal ring of a voice, Dani El-Rassi shows why ‘pop/folk’ music - simple, honest little moment/story snapshots – is something to…

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"Chuck Moore Reviews About" Dani El-Rassi 2020 


Review by Chuck Moore

(Django Bar at Camelot Lounge Marrickville - two seatings)

Singer Dani El-Rassi had a wonderful 2019, from her live show at The Newsagency to her EP launch at OAF [Oxford Art Factory].

Her show(s) at Camelot Lounge’s Django Bar reminded, and re-captured, a sold out audience all over again after “700 years – 9 months of Covid”.

Clear of word in singing and lyric, an engagingly happy El-Rassi, backed by her 3 piece band, has been doing a lot of song writing during…

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Life is not what it was a few months ago. How are you all coping? I recently sent out a newsletter (sign up via my website) talking about my main coping mechanisms and I shared some resources. 

Make sure you're doing what works for you and don't worry about anything else. It's never easy to re-learn how to exist in this world but we must be grateful for all that we DO have, whilst allowing the bad days to come and go as they need to. It's alright to be struggling right now! I hope you know…

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Music - the hype, 2019 recap, life balance, what next? 

Soooo it's been a while. How ya doing?

2019 was the biggest year of my music career yet.

It involved writing, recording and releasing 2 x singles from my debut EP and then the EP itself. It involved upwards of 5 sold out ticketed shows in Sydney alone, as well as NATIONAL TOUR (!!) with my band. I also released a brand new single which is the precursor to an entire album that is in the works.... and I received my first two Internationally recognised reviews by the super-reviewer "Happy Mag". Click here to…

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Debut Release - Behind The Scenes 


On 28 June 2019, I released my debut single 'Breathe'. For those of you who don't know me, I have an eclectic mix of passions, but music has been my greatest drive for 20+ years (can't believe I'm old enough to say that, wow).

(Click here to listen) - let me know what you think!

We did the official launch to a SOLD OUT Sydney crowd who SOLD OUT my merch and you could have heard a penny drop in that venue, it was so silent and every ear was listening to every word I was singing and

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The Songwriting Process 

Every song I write emerges with an initial feeling.  Sometimes, it seems like songs just materialise out of thin air and I am just their vehicle into this world.  Other times, it takes a lot of concentration and piecing together of a puzzle to complete a song. 

For nearly 10 years now, I have been writing down snippets of words, songs, song titles, books, concepts, poems, movies - noting down what they made me feel. 

And then, when the time is right, a melody comes into my mind, or a chord progression, and…

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Life On The Road 

ain't no glamorous thing. and it sure as hell isn't easy. but god it is fun.
The Journey So Far

For years I've been writing music and dreaming of doing a formal release as an artist with my own brand and band. The lead up to recording this week was like something from the movies. It changed my entire perspective, made me feel accomplished (since I had to save so much to be able to afford the EP) and lit a fire in me that had been waiting to come to life for quite some time.  

Michael Muchow (Moko…

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